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Engineering Transfer Student Center

BCOE’s Transfer Student Center provides a safe and inclusive environment dedicated to assisting transfer students with adjusting to the university and engineering.

At the center you will:

  • Find your community in a home away from home
  • Receive access to important adaptive resources
  • Establish connections with faculty members and engineering peers 

The Transfer Transition Program (TTP) is a year-long initiative designed to support
incoming transfer students with tools to get on the fast track toward success.

TTP Benefits

  • Conduct Community Outreach
  • Workshops and Resources
  • Resume help and interview practice
  • Scholarships
  • Professional student engineering organizations
  • Company tours
  • Social events
  • Networking
  • Study Jams
  • Mentorship


Hands-On Lab Research


Enhance classroom learning

Over 600 research projects to select from!

Learn from world renowned faculty!

100% of BCOE labs have undergraduate researchers

Undergraduate students play a vital role in conducting cutting-edge, and profoundly creative
research alongside accomplished faculty and their graduate students. 


TTP offers workshops that provides tips for:

  • Identifying a faculty member
  • Conference preparation
  • Excelling in the lab


Find Your Community


Over 20 professional student organizations.

More than 50% of students are active

Nationally recognized for commitment toward
student success

Student professional organizations provide students opportunities to:
  • conduct community outreach
  • develop innovative projects
  • attend conferences
  • network with industry leaders
  • participate in national competitions
  • and develop leadership skills


These student-led groups offer valuable opportunities to expand on what they learn in the classroom:

  • Build new skills
  • Add to your resume
  • Participate in projects
  • Network with peers and industry leaders
  • Expand interdisciplinary experiences


Transfer Majors


  • B.S.; B.S. + M.S.

Chemical Engineering

  • B.S.; B.S. + M.S.

Computer Science and Engineering

  • B.S.; B.S. + M.S.

Computer Science with Business Applications

  • B.S.

Electrical Engineering

  • B.S.; B.S. + M.S.

Environmental Engineering

  • B.S.; B.S. + M.S.

Materials Science and Engineering

  • B.S.

Mechanical Engineering

  • B.S.; B.S. + M.S.
I’ve presented my work at five conferences and two symposiums and have been a part of two published reports. These opportunities help me come up with new questions to apply to my research when I return to the lab.
Crysthal Alvarez
Mechanical Engineer
Crysthal Alvarez
Community and connection are the most important services that TTP provides, which extends beyond any statistics we can collect on the program’s effectiveness.
Philip Kawada
Computer Science